Our global campaign on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIn and Whatsapp since 2014 is one of our programmatic pillars that reach hundreds of thousands around the world, mobilize participation of people from all genders and walks of life raising awareness on menstruation, question societal norms that belittle women’s identity and position, bring behavioural change in home, workplaces, communities, governance, policies, program designs and implementation, share best practices and success stories, news and developments from the sector, mobilize support and resources, and build more MHM Champions and advocates. Every year a new theme is launched for the campaign around which our advocacy and program focus are centered and serves as a recommendation to other stakeholders working on MHM.

Our campaigns over the years, themes and links are mentioned below-

Breaking the Silence 2014 ‘Celebrating the Red Droplets’

Breaking the Silence 2015 ‘From Shame to Pride’

Breaking the Silence 2016 ‘Collectivisation of Women’

Breaking the Silence 2017 ‘Men Take Lead’

Breaking the Silence 2018 ‘ Youth and Education’

Breaking the Silence 2019 ‘ Advocacy and Governance’

Breaking the Silence 2020 ‘ Linkages and Collaboration: Multisectoral’

Our social media campaign mobilized 10,000 sanitary napkins in 2014 and 500 menstrual cups in 2019 which have been distributed to girls and women living in the villages. The short film, ‘Silence Broken’ depicting isolation of menstruating girls and getting treated as untouchable in their own homes hit 80,000 likes and shares on Facebook and opened up conversations on the need to stop discrimination due to periods. Several online events and competitions have been organized and prizes and certificates distributed to participants and winners.

Our Social Media Pages -

Breaking the Silence Facebook page

Breaking the Silence Twitter

Breaking the Silence Instagram


MHM Quiz Competition 2020



The quiz on menstruation and hygiene was launched on social media in April and ran all the way till 24th May. The objective of the quiz was to develop curiosity among people from all genders, help them take the first step in discussing menstruation in public domain and help check their information level. 20 winners will receive prizes on International Menstrual Hygiene Day 28th May 2020. The quiz saw a good number of participation from both genders; female participation accounted for 60.81% and male 39.18%.

MHM Quiz on Twitter

MHM Quiz link on Facebook

MHM Quiz on Instagram



KHUD KARO QUIZ COMPETITION 1st August - 1st November 2020




We invite persons from education and other institutions, industries, NGOs, offices, business enterprises, commercial establishments, government departments, buildings and societies, the community and others irrespective of their gender and age, to participate in the Khud Karo “Do It Yourself” National Competition on Management of Menstrual Waste at Household Level organised by Breaking the Silence Worldwide Foundation. The competition which begins from 1st August and ends on 1st November 2020 aims to mobilize people to manage and dispose of soiled sanitary pads 'correctly and on their own' before it goes out of homes, schools or offices. Boys and men are encouraged to participate as well as they can educate family members.


How can people participate?


  • 1. Watch the video of how you can manage menstrual waste at home here. Click here to watch.
  • 2. Make a 2-minute video of yourself enacting management of menstrual waste at household level. You can speak during the video.
  • 3. Send the video to with your name, place and occupation.
  • 4.10 winners will be selected on the basis of the quality of video and process of waste management, message, any initiative taken on waste management in addition to the video production.
  • 5. Names of the winners will be announced on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram on 15th November, 2020. Winners will receive attractive prizes and certificates and their names and pictures will be published in Breaking the Silence Campaign, a UNFPA National Laadli Award winning social media campaign.