Working With Technology

200 million fewer women than men can access the internet. Globally, women are 25% less likely than men to have digital skills. Only 6% of app developers are women. Clearly, there is a huge gender digital divide in the world that needs attention and intervention. Digital tools must be made accessible to all. Digital tools can accelerate collaboration, knowledge sharing, and connection in times of uncertainty like pandemics, natural catastrophes and wars. Our technology aided programs are aimed to close this gender digital divide and advocate for use of technology of the women, by the women and for the women. We want to ensure that “Technology works for women everywhere”. We use digital technology, social media and virtual platforms for training, sensitization, community mobilization, resource mobilization, facilitating linkages and advocacy. In places and communities that we cannot reach physically due to various reasons, we conduct online classes on menstrual hygiene management on Skype and Zoom for school girls and school drop-outs in many countries including India. Webinars and conferences are also organised for NGOs, organizations and individuals.