On a radio show on Adaba 88.9 FM with Akogun Olugbenga Omole in Ondo,Nigeria

We work closely with print, web and broadcasting media to carry out our advocacy on menstrual hygiene management and scale findings from the field to other stakeholders. Through newspaper articles on national and regional newspapers like The Statesman, Youth Ki Awaaz, The People’s Chronicle, The Morning Bell, The Gaanphiu Mail, Aja and programs on Radio Active Community Radio 90.4 MHz based in Bangalore city, we have created mass awareness on local practices and beliefs, and the plight of girls and women with respect to menstruation.

Adaba 88.9 F.M, Akure radio station in Ondo state, Nigeria, Ondo State Radiovision Corporation (OSRC)TV, Trace News Magazine and Vanguard, Nigeria’s leading newspaper gave wide media coverage to our trainings in education and care institutions and outreach for the community. Times of India, Indian Express, Economic Times, Women’s Web, Gaon Connection, Bangalore Mirror have carried many articles on our work and activities in India.

Sensitization on the current status of women on menstrual hygiene, the barriers and issues, the solutions and media’s role as an important stakeholder in wielding influence on decision makers is carried out with media companies via face-to-face meetings and discussions.

On radio programs promoting Men Take Lead Ride and Menstrual Hygiene at Radio Active Community Radio 90.4 MHz in Bengaluru, Karnataka