Our mission is to banish myths and taboos around menstruation that act as barrier to good health practices and education in India, rural and urban through dissemination of accurate information on menstruation, its hygienic management, safe and environment friendly disposal of used sanitary material and creation of a support system for girls and women.



Our vision is wide acknowledgment of menstruation as a natural life-giving phenomenon, eradication of the practice of untouchability for girls and women during periods in India, uninterrupted education and growth of the girl child where menstruation and its related challenges do not cause school attendance irregularities and school drop-outs and a society supportive of the needs of menstruating girls and women.



Let no part of a girl/woman’s biology be the cause of her suffering and subjugation and not hold her back from realizing her aspirations and life goals. Menstrual blood is not impure.