‘A global campaign to banish myths, taboos and stigma around menstruation and give dignity to girls and women.’

Breaking the Silence 2018, a global campaign to end myths and taboos around menstruation through accurate knowledge reached 3 hill districts Noney, Tamenglong and Ukhrul of Manipur this year.

Organizing mass awareness program on menstrual hygiene management in our first stop Noney a new hill district of Manipur this month May 2018. Noney also known as Longmai is a town in Noney district with a population of 3,854 and 635 households and is 63 km from Imphal( it takes about 2 hours) on National Highway 37(The last district I worked in north India had a population of 43 lakh!).The tribal communities inhabiting Noney include the Kabui, Chiru, Kuki, Inpuimei. The significant development around the place is laying down of railway lines which have progressed till Noney. Manipur was connected only by bus and flight to rest of India but now after decades of wait we will have railway connection too, not just to India but to entire South-East Asia through the Trans Asian Railways.

10th May 2018: Breaking the Silence conducted Noney District Mass Awareness Program on Menstrual Hygiene Management today in Longmai. Appreciated by the district government of Noney, Church, community, teachers and students, the training today succeeded in ending shame around menstruation. It was heart warming to receive such support and love. Inspite of rain a large number of students turned up.

Second stop Tamenglong District

Today I spoke at the Manipur Central Jail. This invitation came to me as a special request and I could not say no even though Breaking the Silence 2018 Manipur Campaign aims to focus on only Noney, Tamenglong and Ukhrul. I taught women inmates what I teach other women but I made special effort to bring them joy. I made them play a game with baloons requiring them to run and jump in the open garden inside the jail. The jailer, guards, lawyers, caretaker all began laughing looking at the fun and the joy. In no time they joined us in the game. What a sport!If only for a moment, we were happy. Really happy.

And today I realised that beyond the burning issues and social justice causes we fight for there is a basic need which is the foundation of every solution. That is joy.

I don't know how well my menstruation class did today but I can say with confidence that my joy exercise did a 200%

We Love You

An awareness program on personal hygiene with special emphasis on Menstrual Hygiene Management was organised by Manipur State Legal Services Authority in collaboration with the global campaign Breaking the Silence for women inmates and their children in Manipur Central Jail. 25 May 2018, Imphal

“It was heart warming to receive such support and love. Inspite of rain a large number of students turned up.

As the preparations for International Menstrual Hygiene Day on 28 May 2018 has begun all over the world Breaking the Silence 2018 Manipur Campaign kicks off Ukhrul Program today 26th May 2018 to reach the tribal community of Tankhul Nagas inhabiting the beautiful hill district of Manipur known all over the world for shiroi lily

We are conducting the Community Mass Awareness Program on Menstrual Hygiene Management at the community hall in Tangkhul Hungdung Khullen village at 10 am for mothers, fathers, young men and women and community leaders today 27th May 2018. Today being Sunday is the day whole village attends Sunday service. The church has announced during the sermon to everyone to come to the program. As I stood at the gate of the Chieftan's house which is our home for the next 2 days villagers heading to the church welcomed me and shook my hands. I love the people here

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