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Only 12 % of girls and women in India use sanitary pads as per a study conducted in 2011 and there are reports of use of unhygienic material including hay, ash, sand, tissue, newspaper and polythene besides cloth. 23% of girls drop out of school on reaching puberty due to lack of infrastructure like toilets for girls, water, dust bins and soap. 200 million women out of the 355 million menstruating girls and women live in dark about what good menstrual hygiene practices are. Menstruation is seen as a burden due to all the restrictions imposed on the activities of by our cultural norms causing trauma and preventing girls and women to realise that menstruation is a natural life giving phenomenon.

Route of Men Take Lead Ride


Men Take Lead Ride is a historic ride to mark the International Menstrual Hygiene Day on 28th May 2017 where men in the sport will take a 40 km ride to symbolise the 40 years a woman menstruates in her life time and to call for a united stand on eradicating stigma around menstruation so that girls and women enjoy access to clean and safe sanitary material, facilities, services and support mechanism from family and at school and work place.