Facebook Campaign

Breaking the Silence Facebook Campaign was awarded UNFPA National Laadli Award for the Best Social Media Campaign in India in 2015. We use Facebook to reach hundreds of thousands globally and incite participation from people from all walks of life, raise awareness on menstruation, bring behaviour change in homes, workplaces, communities, governance and policies, programs and society at large, collate recommendations and solutions from organizations and citizens, sensitize media, run skype-based Facebook helpline, mobilize resources and mentor leadership that could lead change in their communities. In 2014, 10,000 sanitary pads were mobilized by our Facebook Campaign which were distributed to girls living in remote areas. The short film, ‘Silence Broken’ depicting the way girls are treated in homes as untouchables and barred from religious activities during periods, hit 70,000 likes and 4000 shares on Facebook where people started the conversations on the need to stop the stigma in response to the film. Add milestones of the FB Campaign.

Breaking the Silence Facebook Campaigns can be found here -

Breaking the Silence 2014 ‘Celebrating the Red Droplets’

Breaking the Silence 2015 ‘From Shame to Pride’

Breaking the Silence 2016 ‘Collectivisation of Women’

Breaking the Silence 2017 ‘Men Take Lead’

Our Facebook Campaign includes interviews of professionals and organizations working on menstrual hygiene or products, case stories and personal experiences of girls and women, story competitions, quiz, sanitary pad mobilizing drives, messages from powerful women from different corners of the world, information on different sanitary materials and their benefits and demerits, different movements on rights around menstruation, health and dignity, laws and policies around the world, events, debates, news items, innovations, helpline and also covers all the on-ground community interventions of the initiative.