Organizing mass awareness program on menstrual hygiene management in Noney a new hill district of Manipur this month. Noney also known as Longmai is a town in Noney district with a population of 3,854 and 635 households and is 63 km from Imphal( it takes about 2 hours) on National Highway 37(The last district I worked in north India had a population of 43 lakh!).The tribal communities inhabiting Noney include the Kabui, Chiru, Kuki, Inpuimei. The significant development around the place is laying down of railway lines which have progressed till Noney. Manipur was connected only by bus and flight to rest of India but now after decades of wait we will have railway connection too, not just to India but to entire South-East Asia through the Trans Asian Railways. Breaking the Silence, a global campaign to end myths and taboos around menstruation through accurate knowledge is going to reach this hill district and the girls and women this month. Come be a part of it!!